About Us

Having rebranded the company from our original CSS Coil Carrier Solutions we have seen our company go from strength to strength. Here at Intra Logistic Solutions our expert team have a collective experience which amounts more than 50 years when it comes to the heavy haulage industry. Our diverse, specialist solutions allows us to provide our customers with safe heavy haulage solutions.

Our core focus has always been and will always be:
Prevents Accidents
Enhance Worker Safety
Decrease Loading / Unloading times
Increase Production Capacity & Time
Protect customers valued cargo

The Intra Logistic Solutions team of specialists are constantly taking the time learn new techniques and skills and we consistently spend money to update our solutions to ensure we can live up to our name as one of the most renowned heavy haulage specialists.

Our mission is to make transportation of material goods safe!

Our mission is to revolutionise the coil industry, by making it safer/faster to transport, easier/safer for in house use, with zero damage to all coils.

1. Drastic Savings

By using our products you can also start to make huge long term savings on material costs i.e wood.

2. Quality Improvement

From day one our products will improve your experience when working with raw materials through-out the entire supply chain.

3. Work Safety

Our products have been uniquely designed to prevent accidents and injuries to personal. Ensuring the safety of anyone handling raw materials with our products.

4. Environmental Protection

Old methods of using wooden pallets (normally discarded after use) are no longer needed. We are saving the environment one system at a time.

5. Long-Term Investment

Our systems can be used over and over again meaning your future costs are reduced.

6. Maximize Work Efficiency

Our systems can be used from supplier; across the whole supply chain and direct to end-user. Making transportation problems with raw materials a thing of the past.

7. Material Damage

Bumps, collisions and nudges during loading and unloading of raw materials costs you money. Our solutions prevent these accidents meaning your materials remain un-damaged.

8. Shorten Loading and Unloading Times

Our systems take away the hassle when working with raw materials. We have seen a dramatic decrease of loading/unloading times.

9. Lower Insurance Costs

Our products ensure the security of your raw materials. Our customers have seen their insurance costs reduced as a result of using our systems!

10. Stacking Coils

Never before could you stack coils during transit. Using our Coil Carrier you can stack coils inside a trailer, on a ship or even on a train. This also ensures the optimum use of storage area.