Coil Carrier®

  1. Adjustable Poles – Stacking is made possible with the Coil Carrier. Our customers have the possibility to stack coils 3-4-5 high depending on their requirements!
  2. Rubber Matting – This ensures that your coils never have metal on metal contact. This protects your material from unnecessary damage
  3. V-Rod – A removable V-Rod allows side access to load and unload material from the side of the Coil Carrier
  4. Forklift Access – The Coil Carrier is designed for easy forklift access and manoeuvrability.

The Coil Carrier opened the possibility to transport round materials over the entire supply chain. Any round material:-

Slit Strips
Aircraft engines
Paper rolls
In fact, all round materials currently transported on wooden pallets!

The Coil Carrier can accommodate any means of transport; Rail, Trailer, Air or Ship. We have models for a wide range of coil weights and sizes.

Accessories & Customizations

Separation Slider
Straight Bar

Coil Carrier For Truck

Coil Carrier For Train

Coil Carrier For Container